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October 4 - October 6, 2019

Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayside Burlingame, CA

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VIP Registration
(Includes all 2 Day Registration Benefits, plus: Speaker Dinner ticket, 2 signed speaker books, priority registration check-in)
$160 $200
Standard 2 Day Registration
(Includes access to all sessions and Exhibitor Court, Reduced hotel rate, Free Sunday morning Yoga Class, One Free Child Registration)
$110 $125
Standard Saturday Registration
(Includes access to Saturday sessions and Exhibitor Court, Reduced hotel rate, One Free Child Registration)
$65 $75
Standard Sunday Registration
(Includes access to Sunday sessions and Exhibitor Court, Reduced hotel rate, One Free Child Registration)
$65 $75
Saturday Night Banquet $85

Which of the following do you currently do:
Eat non GMO food whenever possible Take precautions to lessen EMF exposure
Avoid sugar or sugary foods Vaccinate on an alternative schedule
Follow a special diet {Paleo, GAPS, WAPF, etc) Do not vaccinate
Recognize Geo-engineering/ChemTrails Use non-toxic cleaners
Filter water using table filter (such as Brita) Use VOC free paint
Filter water using reverse osmosis Have non-toxic furniture
Filter water using whole house filter
Avoid fluoridated water whenever possible Avoid using Teflon pans
Avoid Wi-Fi Use glass containers instead of plastic

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