Looking for a room to share posted by Zachary Hoffman at 07:05 on Thursday, October 20, 2022   

I was originally going to volunteer and backed out due to finances related to the cost of a room for myself and I didnít make a post on this room share page originally. This morning I woke up and it all dawned on me and I feel the universe calling me to be there within such a powerful link-minded intentional community. I am willing to pay the day rate pass for the conference since that is the only option left at this point. I am a 26-year-old male from Pennsylvania. When the plandemic happened that changed my entire life and my perspective. A true paradigm shift if you will. I began going forward on the path of agriculture related work. During that time I really began questioning where my food came from and the quality of it. I also started going deeper into health and wellness. Last winter I discovered the Weston Price foundation from a local organic Amish produce stand at my local farmers market and that changed everything for me once again. I was even lucky enough to meet Sally Fallon Morell this past April at a lecture she was giving in Berkeley Springs, WV. With all that being said I am happy to share more details and talk with anyone that would like to know more. My phone number is 7173640420. I donít have a large budget but I have enough to drive down and back, hotel cost, and event cost. Thank you for reading my post