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  Seeking quiet female roommate Marnie Reasor at 17:24 on Sunday, September 11, 2022

I have reserved two king beds at the Marriott for a total of $616, so $308 per person. Payment is due 48 hours in advance by Venmo.

Check-in is Thursday at 3 pm and check-out is at 11 am on Sunday.

I am looking for a QUIET female roommate who does not snore or have a CPAP machine. I am a light sleeper.

If interested, please email me directly at

Thanks so much!

  Re: Seeking quiet female roommate Shelley Brown at 16:42 on Monday, September 12, 2022


Good Evening! I sent you an email to your gmail, but wished to follow up here just in case. I am in need of a roommate...I am a light sleeper, do not snore, quiet and neat. Please let me know if you are still in need of a roommate as the favor of a reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Shelley

  CLOSED===Re: Seeking quiet female roommate Marnie Reasor at 15:50 on Thursday, September 15, 2022