Vaccines are one of the most hotly debated topics today. But why should you care?

  • Because federal law recognizes that vaccines injure and kill while federal law also protects the drug companies from liability for their vaccines.
  • Because California just passed SB 277 a law which requires all children to be vaccinated in CA unless they are home schooled and other legislation requires adults who work or volunteer in preschool/daycare to be vaccinated.
  • Because the federal government is developing the National Adult Immunization Plan that will monitor and push on us all the 270 plus vaccines already in development.
  • Because our nation’s children have never been sicker with over 54% of school children suffering a chronic illness like asthma, allergies, seizures, neuro-developmental disabilities like speech delay, ADHD, behavioral problems, and autism, obesity, diabetes and other autoimmune diseases and more.
  • Because science links vaccines to all these chronic illnesses and conditions - even though federal health authorities and medical authorities tell us otherwise.

Come watch a free showing of the award winning film, "The Greater Good", which deftly addresses this hotly debated topic through the stories of families affected by vaccines interwoven with experts from all sides of the issue. And stay afterwards for Q&A with the producer.

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This event is part of the Wise Traditions Conference November 13-16 at the Anaheim Marriott
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